Our supplier partner, Bostik, has been playing a leading role for 25 years in the global market for Silyl Modified Polymer adhesives and sealants.
Several manufacturers of buses, railway vehicles, caravans and speciality vehicles rely on the expertise of Bostik engineers, and take advantage of the use of their environmentally friendly and primerless products.
Due to the vast array of products, almost all bonding and sealing processes occuring in the vehicle industry are provided with efficient and economical solutions while also protecting workers’ health and the environment.
Special attention is paid to find solutions to the individual requests of commercial vehicle manufacturers and increase their productivity.
For example, during the application of the Dual SMP system, adhesives and sealants cure within 1-2 hours in full cross-section, offering a 7 times faster shear strength build up compared to single component systems. This process saves significant time and speeds up production.

Main advantages of Bostik Simson adhesive-sealants:

  • Long-lasting, reliable, strong and flexible bonding.
  • Excellent adhesion to most surfaces without activator and black primer.
  • Due to this process, the possibility of technological issues caused by workers is significantly reduced.
  • Lower amount of worktime and lower costs of materials.
  • Significantly lower amount of harmful vapours released in the air of plants.
  • Reduced hazard of storing and using flammable materials.
  • Excellent resistance to UV, temperature, weather and aging.
  • It can be overpainted after skinning and sanded after full curing.
  • No gases released after curing, so adhesion and sealing can be carried out in one workflow session (no bubbles formed on the joints).
  • Environmentally friendly, not classified as hazardous mixture.
  • Windshield adhesives are certified by standard FMVSS 212.
  • Some products comply with standard EN 45545-2 HL3 and were tested according to standard DIN 6701.
  • Available in various colours and packaging.

How do we help the introduction of Bostik Simson products?

  • The simple introduction of products and continuous technical support are guaranteed by the highly experienced technological and laboratory team of Bostik and the expertise of our two Hungarian adhesion engineers.
  • For example: Consultations and guidance on technology, product demonstrations, free samples, conducting tests together at the customer’s plant, DVS 1618 testing in the Bostik laboratory, end-user training, joint trial production, etc.
  • Not only do we like to become a new supplier to our customers, but we would also like to be considered as a partner providing complex solutions.

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