The supplier of our innovative heat insulating and sound damping products is MAAD Sp. zo., established in 2007, Poland.
The efficiency of the products is proven by the dynamic growth of the company and their several bus and railway references.
Most of our compounds were certified by the fire safety standards of ECE 118  and EN 45545-2 as they are required by most vehicle manufacturers.
We provide technical support to our customers by involving highly experienced technical experts from the manufacturer, as well as using a very well-equipped research and testing laboratory.
Due to the vast array of products, we are able to pay maximum attention to the technical and economic demands of our customers and recommend efficient heat insulating and sound damping solutions.

We trust our products, and upon request, we can provide free samples.

Our most innovative product, MF 10 HYDRO, offers the following advantages :

  • Excellent heat insulation.
  • Excellent sound absorption.
  • Light weight (9-10 kg / m³), which promotes lower consumption of vehicles, lower flue-gas emissions, thus contributing to environment protection.
  • Waterproof, i.e. it does not absorb moisture from condensation in cold weather.
  • Compliance with the highest fire safety standards. ECE 118 Annex 6, 7, 8, EN 45545-2 HL3.
  • Easy to cut and easy to process.
  • Excellent temperature tolerance (-150°C- +240°C).
  • Also available with aluminum lamination and a self-adhesive layer on one side.
  • Applicable to the installation of side panels, on roofs, floors and in engine compartments.

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