The objective of our company is to provide assistance to Hungarian vehicle manufacturers and repairers by means of delivering environmentally friendly and innovative adhesives, sealants, underbody coatings, sound damping compounds and heat insulating sheets, and provide complete technical support.
By applying our products, worktime and the costs of materials can be reduced, moreover, production can become more simple and efficient.
The premium quality and high level of professional support are guaranteed due to the decades of experience of our supplying partners and their remarkable global references.
We hope to grow in the future thanks to long-term cooperations, and we are continuously working on enhancing customer satisfaction.

Contact us if

  • you would like to make bonding and sealing, underbody protection, sound damping and heat insulation processes more simple and efficient, while also protecting the health of your workers and the environment.
  • you wish to put an end to failures of adhesive application techniques and adhesion problems, and you would like to avoid customer complaints.
  • you want to significantly reduce the hazard of transporting, storing and using flammable materials.
  • if you need a partner, not just a supplier.

  Our supplier partners: